Friday, September 30, 2011

Ubuntu One for Windows released

Ubuntu One is popular cloud based service (similar to Skydrive I would say) where you can backup, sync and access your content (files/photos/folders/music etc) from anywhere. Till now, this service was available only on Linux and today Ubuntu has released Ubuntu One for Windows users (xp/vista/7 are supported). The main features of this service are:

  • 5GB free storage
  • Music Streaming at $3.99 a month and $39.99 a year (20GB of storage)
  • 20GB of data storage at $2.99 a month and $29.99 a year. 
  • access files that are uploaded from anywhere
  • content sharing
  • Collarboration
You can download Windows version of Ubuntu One rightaway from here. It is interesting to see whether windows users will adopt this or not and it surely heats up the race for cloud domination.

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