Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xperia devices to get Cyanogen Mod 7

For long, Cyanogenmod team has been lending a helping hand to many who wished their phone had a better, faster and latest firmware. For long, Sony Ericsson had abandoned the Xperia X10 users. Most of the X10 devices stopped getting updates past 2.1 version of Android. Those who wanted more had to go for custom ROMs. While some of them are good, some are just average, ridden by bugs. There are few custom ROMs that are on a different level when it comes to stability and usability and fast updates (and bug fixes) and Cyanogenmod is one of those ROMs. About a month ago, CM team had announced that they will release ROMs for newer Xperia devices (play, arc and neo) and few hours ago, they decided to partner with FreeXperia team to bring out CM7 to following Xperia devices:

  1. Xperia X10 Mini
  2. Xperia X10 Mini Pro
  3. Xperia X8
  4. Xperia X10
Also, these three newer Xperia devices will also get the CM7 ROM (that makes it total of 10 Xperia devices to get CM7 ROM):
  1. Xperia Mini
  2. Xperia Mini Pro
  3. Xperia Ray
When this will be out, there is no news on that but this is a very good news for SE Xperia lovers. We will keep you updated on this.

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