Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Apple generates 50% of mobile industry revenue and 80% of mobile industry profits


This is unbelievable but true. Forget about Nokia still being top mobile phone maker, forget about Android being on top in 2011 worldwide smartphone shipments. When it comes to 'money' Apple seem to have nailed everyone else. Morgan Keegan’s Tavis McCourt has reported that Apple has generated 50% of mobile industry's revenue and 80% of profits in mobile industry belong to Apple.
“Apple simply dominated Q4:11 handset/mobile computing trends, and now accounts for nearly 50% of the revenues of the entire industry and over 80% of the profits by our calculation,” writes McCourt.
McCourt has also made an interesting point. Global mobile computing revenue rose by 34% thanks to Apple and if you remove Apple from equation, revenues fell by 0.4%. This clearly shows how deep Apple has penetrated the industry and how insignificant the term 'marketshare' has become.

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