Sunday, February 5, 2012

Verizon partner with Vantiv, starts testing mobile payment system

Vantiv, leading mobile payment solution provider has teamed with Verizon to deliver point-of-sale device and system to customers and that its customers will be the first to test this innovative system.
Vantiv is currently doing trials using Verizon’s Private Application Store for Business and Android based devices. This Vantiv mobile payment solution  will serve merchants by providing a suite of applicaitons for accounting, payroll, workforce management, loyalty, inventory and customer relationship management (CRM).

"Merchants and consumers are seeking greater mobility, control and timely access to data," said Bill Weingart, Chief Product Officer, Vantiv. "We’ve teamed with Verizon to combine our payment and security expertise with Verizon’s ability to tailor development of mobile technologies to address those needs."
"Verizon, through our Private Application Store for Business, is leading the charge to work with innovative companies to develop industry-specific mobile solutions," said Chandan Sharma, Vice President and Global Managing Director of Verizon’s financial services practice. "The ability to customize enterprise tablets and applications has been characterized as a potential ‘game changer’, and we look forward to working with Vantiv and its customers to advance the playing field for mobile commerce."

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