Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Michael Meeks demoes LibreOffice Android and HTML5 ports

Source (PDF)

At FOSDEM conference, Libre Office Developer Michael Meeks showed prototype Android and HTML port of Libre Office Productivity Suite. LibreOffice developers were able to re-use existing code, thanks to the Open Source and Free Software foundation that they laid when they first developed LibreOffice. Below are the salient features of this code re-use:

    • Substantially same code on smartphones, PCs and large clusters
    • One bug fix for everyone
    • Interoperability
    • Build / Debug 95%+ on the fastest hardware
Cloud Office, HTML5 prototype
  • HTML5 canvas based rendering
  • Communication using Web-Sockets
  • Low bandwidth usage for simple tasks
  • GTK+ 3 and Broadway backend
  • Works on modern browsers
  • Shipping in LibreOffice 3.5
Android prototype
  • Prototype only
  • Latest code in feature/android branch
  • Still a long way to go
Yes. The Android port is nowhere near and it seems the devs are facing significant challenges and any hacker and dev is welcome to work on this port. Hit the source button to get the PDF that contains all the slides from the presentation. 

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