Thursday, October 13, 2011

Citrix acquires Sharefile


Sharefile provides services similar to Dropbox but is targeted more at businesses where data security is everything. Citrix Systems has announced today that they have acquired ShareFile to strengthen it’s cloud strategy. The financial detail of the acquisition is not revealed yet.

“This is a highly strategic acquisition that enables Citrix to deliver all three of the critical components for the personal cloud – collaboration, apps and data – with amazing accessibility and productivity on any device. Our follow-me-data strategy means data will be shared (1) across people, (2) across apps, and (3) across devices. As customers and partners build on this platform, they will be able to easily add follow-me-data services to their software, leverage the data that other apps store there, and instantly inherit all the management, mobility and scalability that’s in the ShareFile infrastructure.”, says Mark Templeton, President and CEO, Citrix Systems, Inc.

More data on the acquisition can be found here

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