Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lenovo and Dell push Acer to No.4

Given the demise of netbook market, Acer has suffered severe negative growth (-23.2%) and is pushed to no.4. Lenovo has seen the biggest gain, thanks to it’s strong Thinkpad and Ideapad lineup. From 4th place with 11.1% of market share in Q3 2010, Lenovo shot up to second place with 13.5% marketshare in Q3 2011. That’s a 25.2% rise in shipments. HP stayed at the top of the table with a minute increase in shipment volume while Dell registered negative growth (though a minute one). The coming quarter should be better given the holiday season and it won’t be too long to see Lenovo starting to compete with HP for that to spot. Acer, on the other hand need to get the act right. Their advantaged lied in low cost netbook and budget notebook offerings  but now they are facing severe competition from tablets and budget notebooks from bigger brands like HP and Lenovo which also offer better service and are more reliable.

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