Monday, October 24, 2011

Harddrive shortages expected due to Thailand flooding

Thailand has been major location for harddrive manufacturing and the recent floods have completely derailed manufacturing of HDD in this country. With 25% of HDD supply coming from Thailand's plants, Seagate and Western Digital has announced that there could their supplies might get effected. Western Digital, in particular is badly hit as large portion of it's factories in Thailand while Seagate has factories in other parts of the world. We expect rise in HDD prices in near future.

"Since WD has greater direct manufacturing exposure to the flooded areas, we believe the impact on our business in the short term will be greater than to other HDD manufacturers," Coyne said. 

Apple might get effected too as the HDDs for Macbook Air are primarily coming from Thailand (Samsung and Toshiba). Nikon's camera manufacturing factory in Thailand also got shutdown due to the flooding and this will effect its budget compact PnS and DSLR bodies shortage. Even if the flooding stops immediately, the effect and shortage will continue for quarters to come. 

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