Friday, October 14, 2011

NSA and Google to make Android more secure that Blackberry’s OS

Google is reportedly working with NSA and George Mason University to develop a highly secure kernel for Android 3.0. This move is to make Android devices useful for military personnel and operations and also for ERTs. The kernel development is already in progress and is in the final stages of testing. Michael McCarthy, operations director of the Army’s Brigade Modernization Command’s Mission Command Complex has revealed that the White House too is interested in this project as part of their work on creating a secure wireless network spanning across the country for ERTs.

Testing for Federal Information Processing Standard 104-2 certification is now in progress, after which there is formal paperwork that need to be finished. “That is a game-changer for the security business because it then sets the conditions so that in the second quarter [late March 2012] they can do the certification of the Secure Sockets Layer, which then gives us the ability to operate at the classified levels,” McCarthy said. He also thinks that Android devices, with this kernel can be far more secure than current Blackberry devices and can used by the executive branch (currently using Blacberry devices).

For more detailed information, head here.

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