Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A slew of announcements from Adobe at MAX 2011 conference

Adobe's MAX 2011 conference is on and there is a slew of announcement done during the Keynote and here they are:

Creative Cloud

This is a new initiative from Adobe to redefine content creation process. Creative Cloud will be at the centre where users can access application, services and also share their work.
"Adobe Creative Cloud reinvents creative expression by enabling a new generation of services for creativity and publishing, that embrace touch interaction to re-imagine how individuals interact with creative tools and build deeper social connections between creatives around the world,” said Kevin Lynch, chief technology officer at Adobe. "The move to the Creative Cloud is a major component in the transformation of Adobe.”

Creative Cloud is expected to have the following by 2012:
  1. Applications: wide range of Creative Suite tools and the new Adobe Touch apps announced recently. 
  2. Services: Digital Publishing Suite technologies, Adobe Business Catalyst and new services announced recently
  3. Community: Share, help and work with peers across the world. 
Pricing and availability detail will be announced in a month or two.

Adobe Touch Apps family

Six new touch apps:
  1. Photoshop Touch: image editing
  2. Debut: To present Creative Suite designs
  3. Proto: creative interactive wideframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps
  4. Collage: create conceptual moodboards based by combining images/drawings/texts
  5. Ideas: Design anywhere using vectors, layers and color themes
  6. Kuler: Manage color themes
 These are designed for tablets to make full use of touch displays (android and iOS support). pricing and availability will be announced in November

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Single edition suite to help freelance designers and small firms to publish the content created using InDesign CS5.5 software on Apple iPad. Adobe will charge a fee of $395 per application. This application provides a flexible workflow model for developers to publish a "single-issue" application for sale through Apple app store and also publish content such as brochure, visual book, annual report and portfolio etc as an application.
“Adobe is dramatically impacting the economics of publishing on iPad,” said Todd Teresi, vice president and general manager, Media Solutions, Adobe. “Adding Single Edition to the Digital Publishing Suite family shows Adobe’s commitment to making digital publishing available to businesses of all sizes – from freelance designers to small design firms to large global publishers.”
“Working with Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite allowed us to turn our print catalog into a rich, interactive digital magazine without disrupting our existing workflow,” said Gary Higginbotham, director of marketing, Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based residential design firm. “With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, it’s even simpler for a small business to reach out to customers in exciting, affordable ways.”

Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3

LG's smart TVs will now support Flash Player 11 and Air 3 applications. The flash player 11 and Air are already available for wide range of devices now like windows PCs, Macs, android and iOS devices etc.

“TVs and other connected devices in the digital living room are the next frontier for rich entertainment apps,” said Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager, Platform, Adobe. “Flash-based applications are transforming content consumption on TVs as developers embrace new opportunities to deliver beautiful HD content to increasingly powerful digital home devices connected to a big screen.”
“LG is working closely with Adobe to bring Flash-based applications with AIR to LG Smart TVs in 2012,” said Youngjae Seo, vice president, Smart TV Team, LG. “We can’t wait to see what kind of application experiences three million Flash developers will bring to our customers with AIR 3.”
 Adobe acquires TypeKit

TypeKit delivers wide range of fonts for websites and Adobe will be acquiring TypeKit to give their designers and users wider range of high quality fonts. TypeKit has a strong base of 250,00 users (famous clients include New York Times, IGN etc). Typekit fonts will be offered as a standalone service and over time as part of Adobe® Creative Cloud.

“Typography is a fundamental design element and something that designers want to be more creative with on websites – especially as these websites now need to be viewed on mobile devices,” said Lea Hickman, vice president, Product Management, Adobe. “Working closely with type foundries, the Typekit team has delivered an outstanding service, empowering designers to present the power of the printed word in new ways – online and on devices.”

Adobe to acquire Nitobi

Adobe will soon acquire Vancouver based Nitobi, creator of popular open source platforms, PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build.

“PhoneGap has proven to be an industry-defining app solution for HTML5 developers,” said Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager, Platform, Adobe. “PhoneGap is a fantastic solution for developing a broad range of mobile apps using the latest Web standards, and is already integrated with Dreamweaver® CS5.5. It’s a perfect complement to Adobe’s broad family of developer solutions, including Adobe AIR, and will allow us to continue to provide content publishers and developers with the best, cutting-edge solutions for creating innovative applications across platforms and devices.”

“Adobe has always been a big supporter of the open source community and at the forefront of enabling rich, Web based applications across screens,” said Andre Charland, chief executive officer, Nitobi. “We share the same philosophy about enabling extraordinary mobile and Web applications. Becoming part of the Adobe family with its industry-leading tools and technologies opens up amazing new opportunities for PhoneGap and our customers.”

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