Monday, October 3, 2011

Windows Gadgets R.I.P

Windows Gadgets, commmonly knows as Widgets is more of less a flop product from Microsoft. They used to suck CPU/memory resources in Vista, part of the notorious sidebar. In Windows 7, users are allowed to places these Gadgets anywhere on the desktop and still were hardly useful. Enter Windows 8 Start screen with live tiles, Microsoft decided that these Gadgets will be even more useless and hence, they decided to pull the plug. Microsoft has decided to end support for developing and uploading of these Gadgets to Windows Live gallery, website that hosted these widgets. However most popular and most used gadgets will be available for download from Live gallery for unknown period of time.

If you are avid user of these gadgets, you better download them all and save them somewhere before Microsoft kills the site once and for all. 

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