Monday, October 17, 2011

Opera to merge Opera Mini and Opera Mobile?

In an interview with CNET, Opera CEO, Lars Boilesen has revealed that Opera will be creating a hybrid browser for mobile phones (merge of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini). Currently, Opera Mobile is a full fledged browser that can run Java Scripts etc and render full HTML pages and is used on smartphones that have the processing power and features that can do justice to this type of rendering while Opera Mini, relies on Opera server to optimize the webpage to be as light as possible and displays a scaled down version of the webpage devoid of any scripts and is mostly used on features phones n smartphones that doesn't have much processing power or network speeds.

As per Lars, Opera will bring out a hybrid browser for Android devices (probably in 2012), which will act like Opera Mini on low speeds and act like Opera Mobile when there is abundant amount of network speeds/resources at hand. This removes the dilemma whether to install Mobile or Mini, whether to open Mobile or Mini etc.

"We'd like to take Mini and put it into Mobile," Boilesen told CNET. "We call it Opera with Turbo for Android...That is something we are looking forward to launch at the beginning of next year."
For more detail on the interview, which is very interesting to read, head here

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