Monday, October 17, 2011

Verizon 4G LTE down

Verizon wireless is well known for network stability. But the past few hours, Verizon wireless customers have kept the customer care executives extremely busy. The reason is unscheduled outage of 4G LTE network. And this is not an outage effecting a small area. Have a look at this thread on reddit. The outage seems to have effected users in various parts of the country (USA). There is no ETA provided by Verizon and the following it latest comment on reddit:

I was out for about three hours in Durham, NC. The other problem is that when I forced my Bionic to CDMA only mode, I still didn't get data. I think it was an eHRPD outage as well, because by chance my phone connected to standard EV-DO Rev. A around Burlington and I got data back. Then the phone said, "Ooh, eHRPD" and connected to that. And there went my data until around midnight Eastern Time.
VZW_insider, can you confirm an eHRPD outage?

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