Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do not track standard's first draft is out

Thanks to the acts of Apple/Google/Facebook etc infringing on user privacy, W3C had started working on a standard that must be followed to ensure user privacy. W3C had formed a group "Tracking Protection Working Group" that just made the first draft of "Do not track" standard ready and is eyeing to get stamp of approval by mid-2012. If you want to read the full draft on Tracking Preference Expression, head here and this is the link for draft on Tracking Compliance and Scope.

Abstract for Tracking Preference Expresion

This specification defines the technical mechanisms for expressing a cross-site tracking preference via the DNT request header field in HTTP, via an HTML DOM property readable by embedded scripts, and via properties accessible to various user agent plug-in or extension APIs. It also defines mechanisms for sites to signal whether and how they honor this preference, both in the form of a machine-readable policy at a well-known location for first-party sites and a Tracking response header field for third-party resources that engage in cross-site tracking, and a mechanism for allowing the user to approve site-specific exceptions to DNT as desired.

Abstract for Tracking Compliance and Scope
This specification defines the meaning of a Do Not Track preference and sets out practices for websites to comply with this preference.

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