Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kinect for Windows to launch early 2012

Few weeks after announcing 'Kinect for Windows SDK', Microsoft has today announced that 'Kinect for Windows' commercial program will launch in early 2012. And there are few changes that the PC edition will have like:

  • Shorter USB cable
  • USB dongle
  • The depth camera to see objects as close as 50 centimeters, graceful degradation from 40cms. 
  • New mode enables use of 'close up' applications (probably tailor made for win8 metro apps)
  • Licensed customers to get access to ongoing updates in both speech and human tracking. 
"Another thing we’ve heard from our pilot customers is that companies exploring commercial uses of Kinect want to operate with the assurance of support and future innovation from Microsoft. As part of Microsoft’s deep commitment to NUI, we designed the Kinect for Windows commercial program to give licensed customers access to ongoing updates in both speech and human tracking (where Microsoft has been investing for years), in addition to providing fully supported Kinect hardware for Windows. We’ve been captivated by the countless creative ways companies worldwide envision how their businesses and industries can be revolutionized with Kinect, and are proud to be helping those companies to explore the profound implications NUI has for the future." said Craig Easter, GM, Kinect for windows.

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