Friday, November 11, 2011

Windows marketplace allows game emulators

It seems like Microsoft is now allowing game emulators in Windows Phone marketplace. Game developer Nudua gave a quick demo to wpcentral in which they tried to submit an emulator to play NES games and it was accepted and made available. The app that was made available is vNESLight, free emulator that will run NES ROMs. For more info on this app, check here.

Some notable features of this app:

- Responsive touch controls
- Easily add your own roms from the add games tab (zip file or single roms) via the internet
- Automatic game save states
- Experimental real time states
- About 95% compatibilty of games
- Delete any of your added games
- Pin any game to the start screen
- 60 FPS Mode
- Seperate settings for first and second generation phones
- Frameskipping option (u may have to experiment with the settings)
- The demo roms of Battle Kid 2 and Super Bat Puncher are included

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