Friday, November 11, 2011

Firefox 8 For Android is out now

Mozilla has updated 'Firefox for Android' to version 8. The new features include:

  • Master Password: Add a master password to encrypt saved usernames and passwords.
  • Bookmarks on Home Screen: Bookmark any website, add it to the home screen
  • Uses same browser engine that is used by Firefox desktop browser
  • IPv6 on Android
Update: Firefox 8 has grabbed 35% of traffic among all versions of Firefox. Source
Over to known issues now:

  • The Swiftkey X input method can cause some character duplication issues when using "backspace" (see bug 672661)
  • blinking characters in form fields (see bug 665374)
  • Unable to zoom in/out a webpage on header/footer when a double tap gesture is made (see bug 639504)
  • Sync Now button is active even if the Sync is in progress (see bug 656594)
  • We found an extremely rare case where the browser may become unable to load web pages or close tabs. This should not happen in normal operation (see bug 676780), but we are working on a solution. Clearing the browser profile (Settings -> Applications -> Clear Data) resolves it, but may remove useful browser data like bookmarks and web history. Recommendation: use Firefox Sync for a seamless web experience across all your devices that run Firefox
  • For some users HTML5 video may load slowly and display rendering artifacts on the screen during playback (see bug 622839)
  • Reloading a page increases the zoom level (see bug 628269)
  • Users who have a large desktop profile using Firefox Sync may see some performance issues during the initial sync process
  • Adobe Flash and other plugins are not supported. Currently, enabling the Flash plugin results in a compromised user experience across Firefox for mobile

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