Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 4 is out now

Microsoft has released IE 10 PP4 yesterday which is available for download now. Do note that this works only on Windows 8 developer preview OS. The highlights first, courtesy MSDN blog:

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for safe use of XMLHttpRequest across domains.
  • File API Writer support for blobBuilder allowing manipulation of large binary objects in script in the browser.
  • Support for JavaScript typed arrays for efficient storage and manipulation of typed data.
  • CSS user-select property to control how end-users select elements in a Web page or application.
  • Support for HTML5 video text captioning, including time-code, placement, and captioning file formats.
There is lot more detail and a video showcasing IE10's HTML5 capabilities in this MSDN blog article. Go dig it. And do submit your feedback on Connect.

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