Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glowball, the first Tegra 3 app is available at Tegra Zone

Glowball, the first application that can make use of Tegra 3 superchip is out now on Tegra Zone. The above video is a demo of the same that was put on youtube by Nvidia. Here's a quick feature list of the app:
  • Designed specifically for devices using NVIDIA® Tegra 3™, quad-core mobile superchip
  • Carnival level includes nine concurrent cloth simulations running in real-time
  • Sea Floor level includes 300 simulated kelp plants, 1400 other moving plants, and 2 million triangles of scene geometry
  • Interaction of scene objects using NVIDIA PhysX®
  • Dynamic scene lighting that can be changed by tapping on the ball
  • Particle, reflection, and skinned animation effects
  • Caustic lighting, fog, and schooling fish in Sea Floor level
  • Custom vertex and pixel shaders make for shiny fish and a wavy sea
  • Splitscreen mode allows you to turn visual effects on/off and compare the results

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