Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 PC sales growth slows down to near 0%, Lenovo and Apple gain

According to Gartner, PC shipments fell by 5.9% during the last quarter in USA while global shipments fell by 1.4%. Hightlights from the analysis (desktop PCs, notebooks, mini-notebooks, mini-desktops, all inones, netbooks included, tablets not included):

  • Apple is the only top vendor in USA to register positive growth, takes no.3 spot from Acer, which falls to no.5 spot. 
  • Lenovo takes no.2 spot in worldwide sales from Dell. 
  • HP's sales fell by a 26.1% last quarter in USA and worldwide sales fell by 16.2%
  • Lenovo and ASUS register strong growth, thanks to successfull lineup of notebooks and netbooks
  • Dell's sales estimates look better than HP's. If the trend continues, Dell may retake no.1 spot from HP in USA. 
  • Lenovo growth is better than that of Apple's in USA and is just a matter of time before it takes place in top 5. 

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