Sunday, January 22, 2012

Google Sky Maps and Android App Inventor goes open source, Picnik finds its grave

Google has announced that Picnik service will be closed on 19th of April 2012. As part of closing process, full refund will be done for premium users and one can copy the photos to Google+ or copy the zip file containing all your photos to your local drive. Come 19th of April, nothing will be available and all your photos on picnik will be burned down. Hurry and take your photos elsewhere.

Google has also announced that their Sky Maps application will be donated to open source community and Carnegie Mellon University will head further development of this application/service.

Android App Inventor, another service from Google is going open source and Google and MIT have announced release of intial free an open source version of this tool. You can get the source code from People can freely use the term "App Inventor" and puzzle-piece Android logo in their work. MIT's version of app inventor will be named 'MIT App Inventor' and is reserved for the systems coming from MIT. 

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