Sunday, January 22, 2012

Notion Ink Adam II to get TI OMAP44xx, Wi-Link

Notion Ink has announced that they will be using TI's OMAP 44xx processor along with TI's power-management IC for better power optimization. Also, Adam II will come with Icecream Sandwich at launch.

"Adam II will release the world’s first Modular Based Software Architecture which will further expand the scope of application development and use nearly every single hardware feature in a “user customizable” application. Drag and drop features will enable easy application modification and Open Source Module will further expand the use cases and tablet deployment. Node operations like in Blender, and Application Authoring Tools are primarily aimed at non-programmers for composing applications, games and use-case flows in a drag-and-drop fashion, utilizing visual editors and behavior-based logic system." said Notion Ink in a blogpost. 
The big problem with Adam was not with the power/resource but it was with the type of hardware that is picked (like touch panel, display panel etc) which caused issues and immature software integration. Hope Notion Ink delivers more standard hardware instead of experimenting and trying to be the first in the market to have issue-ridden hardware ans buggy software.

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