Thursday, January 12, 2012

Razer is cooking a gaming tablet curry

Project Fiona. That's what they call it and it has some interesting design. Fiona is to tablets what Xperia Play is to smartphones. It's still a concept though and it's powered by Core i7, sends adrenaline to your spine via 1280x800 resolution display (probably 10.1"). Below is the demo video from Razer:

"This idea seems pretty interesting, but I'm skeptical as far as market penetration goes. Since it's gaming and it's Razer, they're targeting the gaming market, but I don't know if the gaming market necessarily needs a tablet for gaming. There are already handheld consoles, and those have proven they can do the job pretty well," Tuong Nguyen, analyst at Gartner (NYSE: IT), told TechNewsWorld.

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