Thursday, January 12, 2012

The days of replacing notebook graphics are coming!

Remember all that cursing directed at your old laptop for not being able to run blockbuster games and for not being able to upgrade the h/w? Well, those days are coming to an end. This could very well be the final nail in the coffin to rest clunky desktop PCs. Thanks to blazing bandwidth and throughput offered by Thunderbolt, MSI has announced a Thunderbolt based GPU enclosure that one can use to upgrade graphics on their laptops that come with Thunderbolt port. There are some rules though.

  • Laptop should have Thunderbolt port. 
  • GPU should not take more than 150W power
  • GPU should fit in the case
  • GPU should respect 10Gbps throughput per channel. 
This is just the beginning and as Thunderbolt gets better, so does the capacity of GPUs allowed to be fit in such enclosures. This enclosure will come out by mid-2012. 

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