Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dell Streak 7 gets custom ICS ROM

Do note that this is a beta and highly experimental build and do this at your own risk. Here is a list of good and bad things:

What works:
  • Wifi
  • gapps (mostly) 
  • audio
  • touchscreen
  • overclocking
  • superuser
  • rotation sensors
  • Screenshots (Press Power + Volume-) 
  • capacitive buttons (home, back, menu)
  • Video Acceleration
  • USB Mount
  • External Storage

What doesn't:
  • some lag
  • 3g/4g/gsm radio
  • camera
  • Bluetooth (until I check with DJ_Steve)
  • GPS
In case you are interested in installing this ROM, head here for complete procedure.

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