Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two droids for every iPhone in USA

Don't get confused here. The previous news that iPhone had cut Android's marketshare in USA is based on a single quarterly marketshare analysis. This news is based on the total number of smartphones in USA.
According to iGR market research firm, Android has 47% of marketshare in USA while Apple has 24% of marketshare. Samsung is the most popular Android handset maker followed by Motorola and HTC.

“Understanding why consumers select specific brands and certain smartphones is critical to the success of OEMs in the highly competitive U.S. handset market,” says iGR Research Analyst, Sarah Thoman, who authored the study. “While a user’s current handset brand influences the selection of a new Android smartphone, many other factors also come into play. For example, handset display quality and functionality also highly influenced the smartphone purchase decision.” 

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