Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mozilla's BrowserID is alternative to OpenID

Mozilla has been working for a while to provide better authentication system for sites than OpenID, which it thinks is not so secure. The result of their work is 'BrowserID', released yesterday and is already implemented in popular sites like Google, Yahoo!, PayPal, MySpace. For instructions on how to implement this on your site, head to this page. The process is extremely simple.

 "Many web sites store extensive user data and act on behalf of the user. While the browser may be fully under the user’s control, many of the services that users enjoy are not. Sometimes, these web services handle data in ways that are of questionable value to the user, even detrimental," points out Ben Adida, Mozilla's Tech Lead on Identity and User Data. "It’s clear that Mozilla needs to step up and provide, in addition to the Firefox browser, certain services to enhance users’ control over their online experience and personal data."
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