Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kindle Fire sets Galaxy Tab’s tail on fire, ready to set iPad’s tail on fire


It has been a year and a half since the first Samsung Galaxy Tab came into the market and even today, it has struggled to compete with Apple. We felt that having poor content is the main reason for this lack of market penetration. When Amazon released Kindle Fire, we felt that this is exactly what ‘Team Android’ needed to compete with Apple. And it looks to be true. As per ‘Strategy Analytics’, Kindle Fire has helped Android triple the sales numbers. As a result, Android now has 39% of marketshare while Apple still leads with 57.6% (down from 68.2%). Microsoft, on the other hand gained 1.5% of marketshare. It will be interesting to see how this table changes as Apple is readying iPad 3 and Android tablet makers are ready to storm the market with flurry of tablet releases.

Just few months ago, Galaxy Tab had lions share of Android tablet market share. Thanks to Kindle Fire, that is cut down and if the trend continues, Samsung will join ‘others’ section along with ASUS, Motorola, Toshiba as Kindle has grabbed 36% of Android tablet market in just one quarter. To make things even worse for Samsung, Kindle Fire has 2.5 times more paid downloads than Galaxy Tablets. This means that Kindle Fire is generating more revenue for developers and for Google and can be at the center of focus for developers and content distributors.

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