Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blackberry OS 7.1 announced

Wow. This is unexpected. It's not as excited as getting a demo of BB OS 10 but it's an update worth checking. And the good thing is that 7.1 update has already started to roll out to Blackberry devices that are currently running BB OS 7.0. What's new with BB OS 7.1? 

  • You can now use your blackberry smartphone as mobile hotspot or a Wi-Fi router. 
  • Universal search has a new auto suggest feature that uses Bing search results to offer websites based on search terms
  • NFC support. use Blackberry Tag to share media, contacts and files by a simple touch. Tap of the phone to which you want to share content and bam!
  • If you carrier supports Wi-Fi Calling, you can use your BB OS 7.0 device to make Wi-Fi calls. 
  • FM Radio
  • Blackberry Maps now show you special offers, discounts and coupons form nearby stores

Apart form the OS, the following Blackberry apps will be updated:
  • BBM
  • Blackberry Travel
  • Blackberry Traffic
Head to BB App world and update your apps 

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