Friday, December 23, 2011

Acer's 699$ ultrabook (rumor). Start of a new era?

Acer and ASUS pioneered low cost netbook. While ASUS went to build a strong lineup of notebooks, thanks to the reliability and low failure rate, Acer on the other hand relied on low cost notebooks/netbooks for too long and are getting fierce competition for tablets.

If the rumors are true, Acer might kickstart a new era in notebook computing. Every laptop maker has shifted focus to ultrabook category (thanks to Macbook Air), eyeing it as having most potential in the future. Acer seems to merge ultrabook and netbook categories and create a low cost notebook that works like Ultrabook but with netbook's pricing (almost). The product is supposed to be unveiled during the CES event and may release for 700$. Will Acer do something that no other manufacturer was able to do (due to high product costs for Ultrabooks), we will get to know in January.
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