Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ICS for Nexus S delayed, Adobe AIR available for ICS

Due to performance issues, Google has postponed Android 4.0 update for Nexus S smartphone to a later (unknown) date. Those who have already received the update should be aware of possible performance issue and those who have notification about the update will not be able to update yet and they will be receiving another update once the performance issues are addressed.

Adobe, on the other hand has updated the AIR platform to support  Android 4.0. While the only fix is the support, here is a list of Known Issues that might event your Android 4.0 powered smartphone

Known Issues

  • Seeking while video is paused will not update the frame on ICS device
  • StageVideo using On2 and Sorenson does not work on ICS devices
  • PHDS content stops after playing for ~10 seconds
  • OS does not prioritize incoming call - audio remains playing before and after call is received
  • Enter key does not work on the multi-line text input field

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