Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Samsung and Google takes the crown from Apple in Australia

Thanks to extremely good response to Galaxy S II Android powered smartphone and the wait for iPhone 4's successor, Samsung has become the No.1 smartphone hardware maker in Australia and New Zealand. The real beauty of this is that 65% of phones sold in Australia in Q3 2011 are smarpthones and Android capured 49% of the market while Apple has 36% marketshare. While Samsung is the top Android vendor in Australia, HTC took the runner up spot.

“Collective efforts to expand brand presence from all Android manufacturers at all price points will increase consumer choice and drive demand, which in turn will help Android grow to at least 40% market share over the next 3 years. Samsung has climbed to the no.1 position as a result of a strong push for its Galaxy S II, “said Yee-Kuan Lau, market analyst for IDC ANZ. “HTC, being the no.2 Android vendor in Australia, continues to grow its market presence with its product portfolio expansion in the second half of 2011.”

It will be interesting to see how the marketshare will be in final quarter of 2011 and also for 2011 on the whole.

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