Friday, December 16, 2011

Android team launches free online training classes for developers

Android team has announced launch of Android Training material, a collection of classes that help developers design better applications. These classes act as best practises to solve common issues with development. The following are the topics as of now in these classes:
  • Designing for multiple screens
  • Improving layout performance
  • Managing Audio Playback
  • Optimizing Battery Life 
  • Remembering Users 
  • Sharing Content 
  • Capturing Photos 
  • Maintaining Multiple APKs 
  • Developing for Enterprise 
  • Monetizing Your App 
  • Designing Effective Navigation
Below is the orientation text from the training page:
Welcome to Android Training. Here you'll find a collection of classes that aim to help you build great apps for Android, using best practices in a variety of framework topics.

Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem or implement a feature using code snippets and sample code for you to use in your apps.

What you see now is just the beginning. We plan to add many more classes, expand and refine existing classes, and build Training Courses that help you enhance your apps using objective-oriented collections of classes.

Head here to start learning.

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