Friday, December 16, 2011

Internet Explorer to receive automatic updates

For a long time, Microsoft has been trying to move users from Internet Explorer 6 which was released a decade ago. It certainly is embarrassing to see that 8% are still  using IE6 on their PCs when current version is IE8 for XP and IE9 for vista and 7.

On Windows team blog, Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing has shared a plan to automatically update IE on XP, Vista and 7. Australia and Brazil will be the first to get IE6 updated (for those who turned on automatic updates for Windows Update). Organizations though can block the update if they have compatibility issues and then upgrade on their own. Future version of IE will have an option to disable automatic browser updates.

"Automatic updates are a very good idea based on every piece of security research I've seen. Keeping software up to date - particularly Web browsers - is critical for online security. With that in mind, I'm pleased that Microsoft is moving toward an automatic update model, particularly since their approach balances the needs of enterprise customers who still need a mechanism to manage software updates." says Jeremiah Grossman, Chief Technology Officer and founder of WhiteHat Security

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