Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hasbro sues ASUS over 'Transformer Prime' tablet name

Another day and another lawsuit. Hasbro, maker of Transformers series of toys has sued ASUS over the product name 'Transformer Prime' that ASUS has used for one of it's tablet that can be transformed into an ultrabook using a dock. 

“Hasbro continues to aggressively protect its brands and products and the specific actions we are taking today against Asus underscores yet again Hasbro’s willingness to pursue companies who misappropriate our intellectual property for their own financial gain.”

As of now, Hasbro seeks damages and a ban on the tablet in USA. We don't think this will effect ASUS as these are entirely different product categories/markets. Anyways, lets wait and see what the Los Angeles federal court says. 
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