Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Windows 8 and Windows Phone updates

Here is a list of updates that Microsoft has announced w.r.t Windows Phone and Windows 8

3 million Downloads

Windows 8 Developer Preview has touched 3 million download make since September. “The reach of Windows is just so much bigger,” he said. “That’s what you get to participate in by developing Metro-style Windows apps.” said Windows Web Services VP Antoine Leblond.

Touch gesture to close Metro style apps
Windows 8 pre-beta builds now include an update that allows Metro style apps to close on a touch gesture. Here's a quick demo of the same

Beta to come out in February

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 beta will release in February 2012 and that Windows Store apps will be active in this beta version.

Windows Phone 7 does not contain Carrier IQ software

“Since people are asking– Windows Phones don’t have CarrierIQ on them either,” said Joe Belfiore on twitter. Microsoft has indeed confirmed that their Windows Phone OS does not contain Carrier IQ software, which has become notorious for gather private data and logging everything. Microsoft will issue a full statement on this soon

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