Saturday, December 10, 2011

Linux Journal Readers choice awards 2011 winners annouced

This year's Readers choice award winners are announced and here's the list:

Product of the Year : GNOME 3


Distribution: Ubuntu. Runner-up: Debian
Distro for netbook/limited hardware: Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Runner-up: Android and Debian (tie)
Mobile OS: Android. Runner-up: Android and Debian (tie)
Desktop Environment: GNOME. Runner-up: KDE
Web Browser: Firefox. Runner-up: Chrome/Chromium
E-Mail Client: Thunderbird. Runner-up: Gmail Web Client
IM Client: Pidgin. Runner-up: Skype
IRC Client: Pidgin. Runner-up: X-Chat
Microblogging Client: Gwibber. Runner-up: Choqok
Office Suite: Libre Office. Runner-up:
Single office program: OOWriter. Runner-up: AbiWord

Digital Photo Management Tool: digiKam. Runner-up: Picasa
Graphics Design Tool : GIMP. Runner-up: Inkscape
Audio Tool: Audacity. Runner-up: Ardour
Audio Player: Amarok. Runner-up: VLC
Best Media Player: VLC. Runner-up: MPlayer

Best new Open-Source project : Libre Office

Best Game: World of Goo. Runner-up: Battle for Wesnoth
Best Kid-Friendly Application : Tux Paint. Runner-up: GCompris
Best Cloud-Based File Storage : Dropbox. Runner-up: Ubuntu One
Best Bookmark Sync Tool : Firefox Sync. Runner-up: Chrome Bookmarks

Development and Administration:

Best IDE : Eclipse
Best Scripting Language : Python. Runner-up: Bash
Best Programming Language : Python. Runner-up: C++
Best Open-Source Configuration Management Tool : Puppet
Best Revision Control System : Git. Runner-up: Subversion
Best Virtualization Solution: VirtualBox. Runner-up: VMware
Best Backup Solution: rsync. Runner-up: tar
Best Database : MySQL. Runner-up: PostgreSQL
Best Monitoring Solution: Nagios. Runner-up: OpenNMS
Best Content Management System : Wordpress. Runner-up: Drupal
Best Package Management Application : apt. Runner-up: Synaptic
Best Platform for Developing Rich Internet Applications : HTML5
Best On-line Collaboration Tool: Google Docs. Runner-up: Wikis


Best Linux Server Vendor: IBM. Runner-up: Dell
Best Linux Desktop Workstation Vendor : Dell
Best Linux Laptop Vendor : Dell. Runner-up: ASUS

Linux Based Gadget : Amazon Kindle. Runner-up: TomTom Navigation System

Best Linux Tablet Manufacturer : Samsung. Runner-up: ASUS
Best Linux Smartphone Manufacturer : HTC. Runner-up: Samsung
Best Brand of Video Chipset : NvidiaRunner-up: ATI/AMD
Best Linux Journal Column : Hack and by Kyle Rankin
Best Linux Book : Linux in a nutshell by Ellen Siever

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