Saturday, December 17, 2011

Novell-Microsoft trial ended as mistrial due to hung jury

This lawsuit was filed in 2004, accusing Microsoft of not giving proper support for Novell's WordPerfect program to promote their own Office suite and demanding $1.2 billion as damages. Novell also claimed that Microsoft has misled them about certain technical details of Windows 95 and also removed key APIs from Windows that were required for Novell apps to function properly and because of this many Novell applications ran into problems and couldn't compete with Office applications.  Today, 7 years later, the verdict is out and the judge J. Frederick Motz has dismissed the trial as mistrial due to hung jury.

“We are disappointed that the jury was unable to reach a verdict. However, we very much appreciate their service throughout the trial, and we remain confident that Novell’s claims here do not have merit, and look forward to the next steps in the process” said Microsofts spokesperson.

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