Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolphin Browser HD updated, news design and new feature added

Dolphin browser HD has received a mega update yesterday and here's the list of changes first:

  1.  Optimized Dolphin Connect: now you can use bookmark sync service with third party account directly
  2. Added browse faster and security feature to Dolphin Companion
  3. Access Sidebar by swiping at the edge of screen. Made Sidebar response space more sensitive for better functioning when zoomed in.
  4. Fixed issues in Android 4.0 with and with freezing and crashing
  5. Stability and performance improvement.
  6. More Webzine publications added (cnet, zdnet, intomobile, softpedia, pcworld, ppcgeeks, eurodroid, androidpit) and redesigned Wezine interface
  7. Dolphin Companion 2.0 with better compatibility
  8. Simpler Dolphin connect sign-up process.

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