Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Intel to discontinue 25 CPUs in first half of 2012

Intel has decided to continue wide range of CPUs to make way for 22nm Ivy Bridge based CPUs that are scheduled to come out soon. Below is the list of CPUs that are going to be pulled off of market.

First Quarter of 2012:
Core i7-875K/860S
Core i5-760/750S/655K
Celeron 450/430

Core i5-661/660
Core i3-530
Pentium E5700
Celeron E3500

Second Quarter of 2012:

Core i7-880S/870S
Core Duo E7500/E7600
Pentium E6600/E550
Celeron E3300

Core i7-960/950/930/870
Core i5-2300/680/670
Pentium G960

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